Monday, February 4, 2013

Red Thread Souk

Hello Monday! I have a bright and beautiful place for you to visit this morning: Red Thread Souk. Having grown up in the Persian Gulf region, the word 'souk' always brings a tingle of excitement and even on a recent trip back to Dubai, I spent more time in the souks than at the Burj Khalifa (which is really all the boys wanted to do) . These vintage Azrou flat weave, sequined carpets caught my eye today (they are on the My Marrakesh blog). Aren't they just lovely?! They are meant to be walked on but I don't know if I would let anybody step on these beauties...

Visit Red Thread Souk here.

Image credits/copyright: Red Thread Souk

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Over a cup of tea: Dreams

I have been wanting to talk about this for some time now and what better time and place than sitting here, late at night, nursing a cup of hot tea.  
All of us have our dreams: some big, some small, some that we believe in and others that we don't really think will come true but we dream about it anyway!  What is your most cherished dream, the one that you hope will come true, and soon?
My big dream is to retire early and move to an island, maybe Kauai, and live a sun-kissed life (being Kauai, the occasional warm rain showers are appreciated!). 
The ocean would surround me outside and inside my small beachside cottage, I will have my trusty laptop and precious books.  I can't think of anything else that I would love more! 
(The husband would love that too though he might also want his yoga mat.) I can even imagine the decor: completely bohemian. Cream walls, lots of reds, lovely fabrics from all over the world, some with tiny mirrors glinting in the sun. The bright green of the leaves and the cobalt blue of the ocean. What a riot of colors that would be! And when it rains, the whisper of the ocean and the plopping of raindrops will signal that its time for tea..
What do you dream about?
Image credits/copyright: Taken by me.
  The pictures behind me have changed yet again and taking pride of place is the suzani poster/picture, enlarged from a photograph I took in France

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pappadum (Chennai, India)

This post is about a lovely children's store in Chennai, India that goes by the witty name Pappadum (yum!). It is co-founded by Priyanka Raghunath and Harini Lakshminarayan and offers you a eco-friendly range of products for children aged 0-5. There is clothing, books and stationery, toys and much more. All in a lovely store nestled among trees that also hosts a bookclub, a science club and theatre workshop. Interested?

The products featured are designed and created by collaboration with many independent artists and from what I can see, it looks like my kind of store! 

Just gorgeous designs! I love pairing of the light pinafore with the graphic black and white. You can find Pappadum on Facebook here

Image credits/copyright: Pappadum. Thanks for writing in, ladies!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sponsor Welcome: CupoNation

Today’s post is about CupoNation, an online website that offers you deals and coupons for your online shopping pleasure. With retailers from Domino's to FabFurnish and deals on sites from Cleartrip to Rediff and Flipkart, CupoNation offers shoppers in India online coupons so that you can get a great deal without the hassle of clipping and collecting newspaper coupons. Just sign up for deal alerts and watch the savings accrue. Honestly, you are going to wonder how you ever shopped without it before! Visit CupoNation here to find out how to start getting your online coupons.

Image credits/copyright: CupoNation

Support the artisans: Coppre

I heard from the folks at Coppre about their venture supporting the Tambat copper work craft. I wasn't familiar with the work and thought I would share them with you because I really believe that supporting traditional artisans in every way we can is important to preserving our cultural heritage. 

Coppre "works with with the craftspeople, by contemporizing their products for today’s lifestyle, thereby making the old relevant in the new. We aim to bring dignity and efficiency to this ancient craft by linking talented designers to craftspeople and presenting their craft to the world. " Coppre is supported by INTACH Pune Chapter and Forbes Marshall. They offer a range of beautiful products for the home and you can visit them (and shop!) on Facebook here.

Image credits/copyright: Coppre

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tea time at the National Gallery (UK)

Hello Monday! I am going to start off the week with some tea-related goodies from the National Gallery (UK). I am besotted with this floral tea caddy and this tea-for-one, cup and pot set. Because, as we all know, tea time is as much about the drink as it is about a time to be surrounded by gorgeous objects and to fill our mind with beautiful thoughts, isn't it?
You can find the floral tea caddy and tea for one set here at the National Gallery (UK).

IMage credits/copyright: National Gallery. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Postcard From My Life

My days are almost as busy as the wall behind me. Most of it is because I went back to grad school again but also because of the blog, my two kids and on and on. I make lists of all that I need done each day and week and at the end of the week, I take a day off to relax. We will go to the craft shop, I will buy another frame or two or we set off on a long walk, collecting berries and twigs. The only rule is to relax. Hope you have a great weekend full of fun and relaxation. See you on Monday!

Image credit/copyright: Mine.