Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House Beautiful

I received my June issue of House Beautiful in the mail today and I just had to blog about it. It is an issue that you will want to keep because of the many luscious homes featured. It resonated with me on so many levels. There are homes with bright white walls, something I adore, and with entire walls covered with pictures. Anyone that visits my home is always a little taken aback at the number of pictures on any given wall. I don't follow any particular style or order; I hang what I like and if I run out of wall space, I lean them on the ground. It is so important to add yourself to the mix that is your home, no? It may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you love a particular idea or style (and after all, it is you that lives there), go for it. But I am digressing. The HB June issue is for everyone that loves great interior design but especially for those who like homes with personality: their own and that of their owners.
Let me also say that it is wonderful to note how commonplace and popular globally inspired fabrics have become. You can easily spot a kilim here or an ikat there and it has become natural for these to occupy a striking pride of place in the home. Go, get your copy now or digitally subscribe at Zinio.

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Image credits/copyright: Photography on the cover by Jonny Valiant and Interior design by Zim Loy; 2.) Photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo and Interior design by Kevin Fulk; 3) Photography by Amy Neunsinger and Interior design by Betsy Burnham

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