Monday, May 14, 2012

World Market

Last week I was at the local World Market store and found quite a few new items that I wanted for my home. I picked up the Lotus Blossom cups because they were so pretty. I am the proud owner of a large collection  of mismatched tea cups (some I have just one of; others are in pairs or are part of a larger set) and it always makes me happy to see them set out together, all the different shapes and sizes, on a tray. I am not a great fan of matching anything. Do you like everything to match? 
Maybe I should have gotten the Tunisia mugs (below, set of 4) too because they look like they have a slight lip and their narrow shape could keep tea hot for longer. 
(Yes, those kind of details actually matter to me!)

I have been on the lookout for pillows to freshen up a few rooms in my house and I liked these...



Have you been to the World Market lately? Did you find anything fun? I am always looking at their jewelry section and dreaming of the day that I will wear a loose, gaily patterned caftan, a chunky turquoise necklace, silver bracelets of varying lengths and move straight into a bohemian intellectual life (complete with deep thoughts, rich long conversations, travel and mint tea!)
Visit the World Market here.

Image credits/copyright: World Market.

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