Thursday, June 7, 2012

@Berkeley: Ethnic Arts

Suzani red ethnic fabrics

How are you doing today? I want to share a great resource of all kinds of ethnic fabrics, arts, crafts and creations with you here in the SF Bay area. It is Ethnic Arts in Berkeley, California. Especially if you live locally or are planning a visit here in the summer, do check them out because they have an amazing collection of ikats ( I spotted some from India, others from Uzbekistan and Indonesia), suzanis, African Kuba cloth, marriage quilts from China, weaves and embroidery from Thailand, Hmong baby carriers, woolen shawls, silk robes. Oh, there was so much to tempt the eye and lighten the wallet! I might go back to get some of the indigo fabrics whose color always reminds me of late summer evenings, an inky blue.
Suzani red ethnic fabrics

For now, this contemporary Turkish suzani cloth came home with me. Remember, I talked about earthy  colors a few days ago? Well, I fell for them again. To me, other colors may come and go but these are timeless classics. The suzani cloth goes well with restful creams, reds, greens and browns of my living room and the room itself is beginning to assume that layered, lived-in look that I love. What do you think?
Suzani red ethnic fabrics

Ethnic Arts had a collection of  contemporary suzanis as well as vintage ones: there was a long, narrow, vintage black and lavender one that stole my heart but was w-a-y beyond my budget. I like that they carry something for every budget. They actually had a lot of masks, puppets, curiosities, jewelry and even furniture but since I was ogling the fabrics, I didn't pay them the attention they deserved.  I also picked up these textile cards, some of them prints of beautiful textiles and others with fabric itself attached to handmade paper. Nice, right?

I don't know whether to use them as cards or frame them as a picture like I do with most things I like :). 
Even if you don't live locally, you can visit and shop at Ethnic Arts virtually here. The pictures on their website don't do justice to the amazing stuff they carry. I am planning to go back one of these days to take pictures and when I do, I will share them with you. 

Images: All of them taken by me. 
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