Friday, June 22, 2012

From the Archives: Home Tour in Geneva, Switzerland

After your very enthusiastic responses on Facebook, I have decided to occasionally re-post a golden oldie post from my 1350+ posts on this blog. Today, I wanted to share again the beautiful and eclectic home of one of my favorite artists, Dithi Chakraborty. I have updated the link to reflect her current website but the rest of the post is the same as it first appeared on March 14th, 2010. It got a lot of comments from a very appreciative audience because it exemplified all that a home should be- full of personality and style that is all you.

Are you ready? We are leaving right away for Geneva, Switzerland to visit with Dithi. Dithi is an extremely talented artist whose doe-eyed ladies I have blogged about before. Today, I am really excited to share with you her and her husband's home in Geneva. Their creativity  and eye for beauty extends into all corners of their home. The long cold winters of Switzerland are sure to pass by in a flash when you live in such warm and beautiful surroundings.

Dithi's paintings are colorful, richly detailed and glow like gems. They bring the warmth and vibrancy of India to their surroundings. 

A blogger might stop now but not me because I have 'why-post-a-few-pictures-when-you can-post-allism', a very serious condition where I keep posting picture after gorgeous picture or die trying. SIGH!! And you have to admit it is a very beautiful and eclectic home. Imagine the conversations you can have in such inspiring surroundings..  

Those pictures were the living and dining areas. Wait till you see the room where all those paintings are born...

Such a beautiful sight. I feel so privileged when people share their homes with me. It's like being invited for chai and a conversation with friends. You never want to leave :). There is a lot of folk art to be seen in Dithi's home. Here, Rajasthani puppets add whimsical charm to a 4-poster bed...

DROOL!!!  Alright, its time to get back and do stop drooling :)! If this page took a while to load because of all the pictures that I just had to add, you will agree it was worth it. Thanks for sharing your lovely home, Dithi. Visit Dithi at her blog here and to buy one of her amazing pieces of art, visit her ETSY store here.
All images courtesy of Dithi Chakraborty.

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