Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello Tuesday

It's been really quiet around here on the blog and on the Facebook page as many countries around the world come back from summer (end of the long break and a start to the school year)  while others prepare to go on summer vacation. Summer is the magical word in our household conjuring up so many delights: long days of nothingness, beach trips, fruits fresh off the trees, pies, ice cream, travel, l-o-n-g DIY projects and staying up late into the night talking of nothing and everything. The kids have a big smile on their faces and will laugh at almost anything as if they can't contain all that joy. I just love that feeling of exuberance! Exuberance. It is also the word that comes to mind when I see this picture from Anthopologie's June catalog. Also, radiant. Lush. Over the top. Happy. We could all do with words like that in our day.

Image credit/copyright/links: Anthropologie, June Catalog featuring the Bouncing Teapot.
Bouncing. Another favorite word. 

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