Tuesday, June 5, 2012

John Robshaw and Block Prints

Block prints John Robshaw
I wanted to share some new pictures from John Robshaw. For me, these are just so tempting and beautiful because they combine my two great loves: block prints (and in just the right shades) and upholstered furniture. If I were to redecorate my home, I would definitely pick one of these fabrics. They evoke a colonial chic vibe that really resonates with me. It makes me think of hand carved teak furniture, glossy red-brown terra-cotta floor tiles that cool your feet, of large shady verandahs to sit and stare at the passerby. I just realized that everything that I described was related to earthy colors: they really appeal to me and my being Indian might have something to do with it. I also like the splash of blue and gentle pink that feel to me like a sprinkle of cool water. Ha! Block prints inspire me to write so much flowery prose! I have blogged endlessly about block prints, the wooden blocks, the artisans that create them, the companies that support this art form, the designers that tweak the basic patterns and give them a unique spin of color or dream up new patterns that startle you and draw you in until you are lost in the beauty of it all. I don't think I can ever stop.
John Robshaw Block prints

John Robshaw Block prints

John Robshaw Block prints
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