Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Mix

How's the weekend treating you? I was without internet access at home (except on my phone which meant I could still obsessively check email) for 2 days. On the brighter side, I chaperoned a school field trip to the bowling alley, visited a friend, puttered around the house and watched a movie. I also took lots of pictures of the house. I realized that our home has a dual personality. It has some traditional elements because I have a {stereotypical} love for the Indian color combinations of red, green and gold or even pink and dull brass like in the sheesha belt with little brass bells {the current love of my life}.

But I also have a slightly eccentric {or so I have been told :)}approach to art and I have prints, photographs, posters and postcards all over the house. Which makes it, well, not so traditional.

I sometimes {okay, very, very rarely} worry that the house doesn't feel cohesive or that nothing matches. But then I think, so what? Like a kaleidoscope, it is so much more fun to mix it all up and wait to see a new gorgeous pattern emerge.
PS I would love for you to share pictures of your home. Won't you share?

PPS I have added a new page that shares some of my favorite pictures of my home. Take a tour!

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