Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anthropologie: The Inge Chair, Vintage Suzani

Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE with this new chair from Anthropologie!  It is  an awesome pairing: vintage suzani+sleek lines of a mid-century modern- styled chair  = LOVE.
Sorry, I am not up to date with mid-century modern design styles and am not a huge fan but this is seriously beautiful!
(Anyone wanting to buy me this for my birthday?Two of these would make my day year! Just saying.)
 Find it in Anthropologie's August catalog and here.

Image credits: Anthropologie.


Hmong HillTribe Embroidered Shoulder Bags

Hmong HillTribe Embroidered Shoulder Bags

Totally loving these embroidered Hmong HillTribe Bags from Wanderloot, a store that features art and objects from around the world. 
This would be perfect with my uniform of jeans and tee: bringing something different into the usual mix and adding some color

Image credits/links: Wanderloot: art and objects from around the world.

Mariza and Company

I discovered Mariza and Company today and want to share them with you. They work with Mexico-based artisan communities and offer a variety of products like bags, jewelry and gorgeous fabrics that promote traditional arts and crafts. Do you love Otomi fabric? Then you are going to want to bookmark them!

Visit Mariza and Company here.

Image credits/links: Mariza and Company. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Traditional Home: To Die-for Kitchen

I am going to start off the week with this amazing kitchen that was featured by Traditional Home. So beautiful! I have to tell you the easiest way to make me swoon is to place a rug like that on the floor! Lately, I have spent many hours catching up with an old friend: think lots of masala chai, juicy conversation and just reveling in the feeling that comes with spending time with a great friend. So, in my opinion, this sitting area just adjacent to the kitchen countertop is a great addition to the room. It is a definite invitation to linger...

See the details of the room here

Image credits/links: Featured in Traditional Home magazine; Interior design by Liz Caan Interiors; Photography by Michael Partenio.

A Postcard From My Life

Hello! Sorry about the late start to the week. I am a little tired and wish I could have another vacation (we were in Hawaii earlier) and just a change all around before the next school year starts in earnest but apart from that, I am fine. Did you have a good weekend? Ours was quiet and we spent most of it outside in the sun. There is nothing like spending time in nature to put things into perspective and to make you (me) grateful for life and all its blessings, big and small.

Image: I took it yesterday while visiting a nearby wetlands preserve. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Luma: Men in Turbans

I would love this pillow in my living room! Those cheeky jeweled turbans accompanied by the serious expressions on the men would crack me up every single time. Don't miss the women with their bright necklaces. (I might find myself talking to the pillow though!)
You can find the Men in Turbans pillow at Luma.

Image credits: Luma. 

Leaf magazine

You may already know of Leaf magazine but I just found it recently and thought I would share. Their summer issue is full of fun party ideas: from styling to gorgeous flowers to amazing recipes, they have it all in one beautiful package. Find them here.

Image credit/copyright: Leaf magazine; Styling by Styled Creative (amazing stuff on their website!) and photography by Sarah DiCicco

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rooms that tell stories..

Oh my! This Morocco-inspired room with it's myriad colors is beautiful, isn't it? I can smell the faint fragrance of frankincense, hear the clink of glasses filled with mint tea accompanied by laughter and the tinkling sounds of a water fountain nearby.
(I am really taken with the idea of layering or accenting furniture with beautiful tapestries.)
This picture is from UK-based Oka Direct who have tons of inspiration, furniture and other home accessories on their website here.

Credits: Oka Direct (UK).  Found via Heart Home magazine.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Henny Tate/Heart Home mag

The world of online decor magazines has grown dramatically and almost every day I discover another creative entrant. Amongst all of them, there are two that I am constantly drawn to for the natural look and creative diversity that they feature. One is Heart Home and the other, Covet Garden. The latest Heart Home magazine showcases many beautiful homes but this one stole my heart with it's cozy atmosphere, timber beam ceilings, casual yet globally influenced styling and the feeling of 'home' that is conveyed to you in every picture. It is the home of interior designer Henny Tate.

The other reason I like this home so much is this table overlooking a window, perfect for a leisurely breakfast or tea time. This home is in a village in the English countryside and just by this picture alone, I have conjured up a romantic vision of  life in the country, of windows overlooking meadows, of fresh herbs and flowers and endless cups of tea and homemade cake!

Visit Heart Home magazine here.

Image credits/copyright: Featured in Heart Home magazine; Interior design by Henny Tate; Photography by Emma Lewis.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sponsor Welcome: 3mik.com

I want to introduce you to Once Upon A Tea Time's newest sponsor...3mik Do you know them? They are a social online platform for sharing all things Indian. From street food to saris, henna to chocolate, you name it, it's there. You can discover and share the products and places you like and browse hundreds of other items shared by 3mik members (with links to where you can buy them, location etc). My first thought was this is a great tool for people in India to discover and bookmark the things they love and share it with everyone. But wait, what about all of us who live outside India and are not as au courant with what the contemporary and stylish Indian market (both online and off) has to offer? It's perfect for us. There's food and restaurants, jewelry, fashion, computers, home decor and much much more. So, browse on over to 3mik and let the discovery begin! Many of my old favorites (and featured here on Once Upon A Tea Time) are there as well as many newly found ones.

Colonial furniture from Geethanjali, Pondicherry.

Madhubani quilt from Afday

Fabric coasters from Maati Crafts

Gond peacock lamp from Warmly Designs

Totally loving these bags from Jalebi Binnes!

Visit 3mik here.

Images via 3mik and copyrighted to the brand owners. 

Rooms that tell stories..

It's time for another post where the room does all the talking. I know why I love this one! That jewel toned rug, the beautiful light and the combination of contemporary and rustic design make this definitely a room to die for.

Image credits/copyright: Style at Home, Canada; Interior design by Nancy Riesco; Photography by Janis Nicolay.


 Remember this gorgeous picture? I blogged about it some time ago but everything about it it has stayed in my mind. Especially that beige-toned, silky suzani. I have been on the hunt for similar styles and colors and I am happy to say that I found a store-full of them! Islimi on Etsy sells suzani pillows that have the same look. 

I think what really appeals to me is the beige+pink embroidery combination: an understated, timeless and elegant combination that to me would work perfectly with dusty pink overblown roses, old books and cups of tea! 
(Do you know that they sometimes stain fabrics with tea to achieve a vintage look? The color of this fabric reminds me of that. ) Visit Islimi here.

Image credits/copyright: 1.) The photography is by Laurey W. Glenn. It doesn't say who the stylist/designer is but he or she has an exquisite sense of color. I feel like I am in a gelatto store! The image is from My Home Ideas and link via Pinterest.
2 and 3.) Islimi. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Support the Artisans: Folk Art Mavens

I want to share with you a wonderful resource that I just found today: Massachussetts-based Folk Art Mavens brings to you beautiful artisan-made products from "threatened communities around the world." There is jewelry, embroidered fabrics (bags, purses, pillows, clothing), ceramics and many other items from Palestinian artisans. If you are a blue and white aficionado, a textile lover or just someone who loves handcrafted objet d'art from different parts of the world, you should visit Folk Art Mavens here.

All images copyrighted to Folk Art Mavens. 


Do you know of UK-based Nkuku? I am totally enchanted with all their products but especially with the embroidered (looks like crewel work) Kashmiri pillows and poufs. What a vibrant splash of color! I am thinking that a room with white slipcovered furniture accented with these bold, colorful patterns would be perfect for me.

Nkuku also had these glass frames that are a great way to store sentimental objects. I have a few frames similar to these that I  have used to display/store postcards from when I was a child. Surrounding yourself with beautiful memories is such a vital part of creating your home, don't you think?
(As the summer days fly by and I watch the kids grow, I wish I could capture each day in a frame just like this.) 

Visit Nkuku here

Image credits: Nkuku.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rooms that tell stories..

Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I am just popping in to share this room with you because it seems like a lovely spot to spend an entire weekend in. I like so many things about it: the ample light, the flirty edges of the slipcovers, the just-perfect closeness of the seating (this is a mundane point but I am not a huge fan of furniture that is lined up along the walls) and of course, the pretty pinks. Right from lazy afternoons spent in solitude  to long conversations with friends over many cups of chai (or the brew of your choice ;). Isn't it just perfect?
Spotted in the Winter '11 issue of Cottage Style. The photography is by Alex Hayden and the styling by Char Hatch Langos

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Weekend

It's the weekend! I have been feeling tired and flu-ey and shall be getting some much needed R and R. Hope you have a great weekend planned for yourself. Thank you for reading Once Upon A Tea Time here and on Facebook (where we have been having a blast!). I have been hunting the internet for quotes on tea and found this one that fits the picture of my teacup drawer perfectly...

"The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose."  
~George Gissing, The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft (from here)

Image: My teacup drawer, taken by me.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This post is overdue! I know there has been an explosion of online marketplaces offering products of every style imaginable but do you know about Zansaar? They are a Singapore-based organization and they currently ship to India (US readers, don't despair! If you have friends/relatives in India, you can have it shipped there.) and they offer every thing that the modern home (and homeowner) needs. I spotted perennial favorites FabIndia and Happily Unmarried and a ton of other retailers.
FabIndia pillow cover

Ras printed pillow cover

Silver-plated diary

Sepia tone Maharaja notebook

No surprises: I headed straight for the block prints and silver and sepia! There are discounts to avail, so hop on over to Zansaar here.

Images via Zansaar.

Varnam, India

Right after blogging that the Indian festive season is about to start, I was overwhelmed by nostalgia for all it's gaiety and colors. I popped over to Varnam on Shopo. I have always liked how the folks at Varnam take traditional shapes and give them a contemporary identity. Like traditional lacquer-ware (I am most familiar with lacquer ware toys for children) reinterpreted to make lamp bases, storage boxes, door knobs and drawer pulls...

(Red and green are very popular colors in the Indian culture and they also will work well in a Western setting. I know it's July but think Christmas!)

Interested? Visit Varnam here.

Image credits/copyright: Varnam.

Let's Party

As we get closer to August, folks are coming back from their vacation (and the roads are filling up again) and the festive time of the year is off to a start. There are birthday parties (some of our friends have birthdays coming up too and fun times are being planned), baby showers, casual get togethers and of course, grand and colorful Indian festivals. August through December is chockfull of entertaining opportunities. I am not hugely social but I enjoy the company of my friends. Isn't it the most relaxing thing in the world to spend time talking to your favorite people about nothing and everything? I was at the Williams-Sonoma site and I thought how beautiful these colors would look, especially outdoors. As usual, it was the table linen that distracted me most.

There is a common thread (pun unintended) through all my recent posts and it is (dark) blue in color!
I am also loving the La Med melamine (doesn't look it at all!) dinnerware. It reminds me of waters that are that shade of turquoise blue and warm and crystal clear.

Visit the Williams-Sonoma website here.

Image credits/copyright: Williams Sonoma.