Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aniika, The Inspired Bazaar

Have you visited the online marketplace, Aniika lately? If you haven't, you absolutely should! They have grown even more since I last blogged about them and have an amazing array of Indian designers. Since I went back to school, I am always looking for scarves and jewelry that I can use to dress up my everyday attire of jeans and casual t-shirt. Plus I have the added excuse of a birthday coming up (I am going to be 40. Yay! Seriously. I am excited!). So off I went to Aniika (yes, they ship to the US). All the designers are great but I especially love Funky Dori...
(This baby is coming home to me. Only 1 left in stock now.)

and the work of Amber Sahai of Mine of Design..
And don't even get me started on the gorgeous, to-die for scarves that are the work of Katherine Neumann of The House of Wandering Silk...

I think there is always room for another dark blue accessory in my closet. I have heard the quote, "Pink is the navy blue of India" but I want to add that no one works the pink and navy blue combination better than the Indians. Visit Aniika, The Inspired Bazaar here.

Image credits/copyright: 1.) Funky Dori, New Delhi, India; 2.) Mine of Design; 3. and 4.) The House of Wandering Silk. Via Aniika.

PS. First time buyers get a 10% discount.

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