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Happy July! I am here with another golden oldie from the archives. This is a post that I wrote almost exactly a year ago when we were getting the summerhouse behind our home ready for family and friends to visit. The most lovely thing about the summerhouse is that when you are in it, all you hear are the sound of the gentle wind, the swish of leaves and many tinkling wind chimes. 
Here goes..


I am slowly getting the suite of rooms that we use as guest rooms ready. It is still a work in progress because the contractors aren't completely done with a number of small things. I thought I would show you a part of it. I wanted it to reflect  vintage + global style (more citizens of the world than any particular region). I wanted to add vintage style nature prints to create a soothing retreat and also, because these rooms are surrounded on all sides by lush greenery- apple, lemon, orange and plum trees, lavender bushes, lilies and a jacaranda tree. 

Pretty vintage-style floral prints

Frames with vintage-style nature prints

I wanted to recreate an atmosphere that I associate with home and especially, tea time at home- a pretty room with pretty things, lots of books and magazines (who cares if they are old?!), fresh flowers, candles, the sound of wind rushing through the leaves and of birds busy in the trees. And an atmosphere of privacy. I love my family but I also need a quiet place to recharge. I wanted anyone who stayed here to feel that it was a home away from home . A place where it was always tea time.

Moroccan Tea Glasses add cheer!

Moroccan tea glasses

And whats tea time without cake?!

Vintage Daher tin with cranberry and walnut cake

Pretty things make pretty places!
Doll pens to write a letter to someone special.

Red roses from the garden
Old books, candles and fresh roses from the garden.

Pretty things make pretty rooms

What do you think? So far so good?

All pictures taken by me. 

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