Monday, July 9, 2012

Chai Studio

Here's something wonderful to start off your week! Amerjit Ghag runs Honolulu, Hawaii-based Chai Studio, a must-visit store for anyone that likes their decor served with a dash of exotic, global spices. It is filled to the brim with treats for your home. There is the ever-popular kantha work on pillows and quilts, bold suzanis, rustic furniture that wear their patina of age with grace and style, ikats, vintage artwork and other finds that Amerjit scours the world for you. Through her store, Amerjit supports the work of artisans, fair trade organizations and women's cooperatives. I love the smorgasbord of wonderful handmade items that are available at the Chai Studio!

Yoohooo, are you reading or are you scrolling down frantically, all the time wishing that this bright Monday morning, you could hop onto a plane headed for Oahu?

I have a thing for linen closets stacked high with beautiful fabrics. (I have written about them before.)  I couldn't sew to save my life so I don't really know what I will do with my ever-increasing collection of vintage fabrics- isn't it enough that they make my heart sing when I see them? Put them together with that antique armoire and I am in heaven. But that's not all. 
Chai Studio also carries accessories for you and among them, a bangle bar.. 
If you are lucky to already be in Honolulu, head on over to the Chai Studio and indulge yourself. Everyone else, be sure to bookmark them for a future visit.
You can find Chai Studio on the web here and here.

Image credits/copyright: Chai Studio. Thanks, Amerjit!

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