Friday, July 6, 2012

House and Garden (UK) + Happy Weekend

I want to send you off into the weekend with this gorgeous cover from House and Garden (UK). Yes, I flipped for the suzani but it's also how welcoming the room is.  And there is something about a made bed that makes you feel good. I have always thought so and the folks at Apartment Therapy found it to be true too.  This home is in the Languedoc in France. I just love the shades of bold red-magenta that echo throughout the  house. And it's a fabric lover's house. Need I say more?
I found the above pictures on the House and Garden website but I want to share one more picture that I saw on my Zinio ...
Gorgeous fabrics with bright and bold patterns+ dimly lit rooms, some with low ceilings= the perfect place to spend a hot summer afternoon. 
Here's another thing: I gravitate towards rooms and houses in magazines like The World of Interiors and House and Garden because they feel less contrived. Like they aren't trying too hard. To be perfectly accessorized, perfectly matching or in the perfect shade of color. 
Because I do believe that you really begin to enjoy your home only when you embrace the fact that life happens here, imperfections and all (do make the bed, though!).
Have a great weekend!

Image credits/copyright: House and Garden, UK; photography by Richard Powers.

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