Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Party

As we get closer to August, folks are coming back from their vacation (and the roads are filling up again) and the festive time of the year is off to a start. There are birthday parties (some of our friends have birthdays coming up too and fun times are being planned), baby showers, casual get togethers and of course, grand and colorful Indian festivals. August through December is chockfull of entertaining opportunities. I am not hugely social but I enjoy the company of my friends. Isn't it the most relaxing thing in the world to spend time talking to your favorite people about nothing and everything? I was at the Williams-Sonoma site and I thought how beautiful these colors would look, especially outdoors. As usual, it was the table linen that distracted me most.

There is a common thread (pun unintended) through all my recent posts and it is (dark) blue in color!
I am also loving the La Med melamine (doesn't look it at all!) dinnerware. It reminds me of waters that are that shade of turquoise blue and warm and crystal clear.

Visit the Williams-Sonoma website here.

Image credits/copyright: Williams Sonoma.

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