Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red and Blue

There are colors that each of us is drawn to more than others. For me, it's navy blue and a dull red. Most of the blouses and t-shirts that I pair with my perennial jeans are dark blue in color- cobalt, indigo, navy- different avatars of my favorite shade of blue. And the attraction to red? I think it is connected to my Indian roots. We are not talking about bright red but a more dull and antique looking shade. Put these colors together and it explains at least part of my attraction to traditional forms of art such as kalamkari and block printing where the pairing of these colors can create magic. Many beautiful kilims and other artisanal rugs and fabrics feature these colors in rich jewel-like tones.
I looked online for rooms that featured these colors (it's easy because after all it's the red, white and blue month!) and found these two that I really liked. Look how easily they translate into contemporary rooms..

Nothing too trendy and it's amazing how these colors that I associate with the coolness of fall make for perfect summer rooms!
Image credits/copyright: 1. and 2. The Aurora Paisley Table Linens from Pottery barn ; 3. and 4.  Crate and Barrel.

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