Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sponsor Welcome: 3mik.com

I want to introduce you to Once Upon A Tea Time's newest sponsor...3mik Do you know them? They are a social online platform for sharing all things Indian. From street food to saris, henna to chocolate, you name it, it's there. You can discover and share the products and places you like and browse hundreds of other items shared by 3mik members (with links to where you can buy them, location etc). My first thought was this is a great tool for people in India to discover and bookmark the things they love and share it with everyone. But wait, what about all of us who live outside India and are not as au courant with what the contemporary and stylish Indian market (both online and off) has to offer? It's perfect for us. There's food and restaurants, jewelry, fashion, computers, home decor and much much more. So, browse on over to 3mik and let the discovery begin! Many of my old favorites (and featured here on Once Upon A Tea Time) are there as well as many newly found ones.

Colonial furniture from Geethanjali, Pondicherry.

Madhubani quilt from Afday

Fabric coasters from Maati Crafts

Gond peacock lamp from Warmly Designs

Totally loving these bags from Jalebi Binnes!

Visit 3mik here.

Images via 3mik and copyrighted to the brand owners. 

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