Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Nostalgia+Pale and Interesting

Hello! I am so sorry for not being here but I have had a very busy Monday. Hope you had a lovely weekend! Summer is rushing by with such speed and I can't believe there is only one more month (less than, to be exact) of vacation left for my boys to enjoy. If only I could slow down s--u--m--m--e--r. My whole summer nostalgia was heightened courtesy of UK-based boutique Pale and Interesting...

I have seen enamel covered tumblers at other online stores in every bright shade but this cool gray color is really what is most appropriate for summer. It reminds me of thick blocks of ice. 

And these tea mugs! I know its counterintuitive but drinking hot tea actually cools you down. I have always had a drink of hot chai even when its blazing hot outside and felt better and a recent radio report I heard confirmed it- something about sweating a lot after a hot drink and therefore, feeling cooler but who needs the details!
. Visit Pale and Interesting here (they have a physical store in the UK for all you folks who might want to pay an actual visit)

Image copyright: Pale and Interesting (UK).

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