Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Postcard From My Life: Gratitude

 This is a long post, so grab that cup of tea before you start reading. 

I have been wanting to write about a lot of things but I am going to start with the most important one: gratitude. This year has been special for me because of two important milestones.  I can't really claim special credit for them because, on the surface, they indicate only the passage of time. I have been married for 15 years this year and I am turning 40 in a few days. All I can express is gratitude for each day of my marriage and for my husband who has been there for me on every one of those days. 
The turning 40 part... I want to be honest with you. I am happy to be turning 40. I don't want to go back to the late twenties or the thirties. The last few many years have been tough for a variety of reasons, some of them too personal to discuss on the impersonal world wide web but all those adversities have gone into making me, the me of today. Stronger and kinder. 

I am also grateful for this blog. When I started writing this blog, it was a way to express myself and to bookmark and share the creative and the beautiful. Why interior design? People have expressed many reactions to this and it ranges from outright disdain to curiosity and unabashed pleasure. I am not an interior designer or an artist or a DIY maven but I love creativity and every time, I sit down to blog, I feel happier. And I can't think a bigger or better reason to continue blogging than that one. 

And I owe so much gratitude to the modest California ranch that we live in! I love this house and am grateful to it for inspiring in me an interest in design and decor (I research diseases for a living). It is not perfect and I don't know if it can ever be (kinda like me). It has withstood all the higgledy-piggledy changes it's owners have wrought, welcomed more visitors than I can keep track of, has enough fruit trees for us to run a farmers' market all by ourselves, has a resident bird family who think it's their house.. the list goes on and could fill an entire book (that's something I would love to do: write a book).

I would love to hear from you: your thoughts and what you are grateful for. 

Image credits/copyright: Random corners of my home, taken by me. 

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