Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Postcard From My Life

I am sitting here with my cup of tea (as I type this, it's 4 PM in my part of the world) and dipping the ubiquitous Parle G biscuit (cookie) into it. Classes  have started and 1 year into graduate school, I switch from parent to researcher to grad student to blogger fast and almost as smoothly as someone playing a quadruple (?) role in a Bollywood movie.  The down side is that I feel the wheels in my head are continuously whirring and spinning and I have to force them to slow down and stop. And that is what I do. Every evening after dinner, I drag a chair to the lawn and sit under the stars, even if it's for just 15-20 minutes. I don't think deep thoughts like how my insignificant problems can't compare to the bigness of the universe. Instead the boys and I hang around in the semi-darkness and try to see the stars, strain our ears to hear the show on the neighbor's TV, wonder where the people flying in the airplane overhead are going to, who can see furthest in the dark, who can laugh the longest....that sort of thing. We make up stories about everything. It is great to spend a part of of our day together, a time when no one is rushing out the door, or getting homework done, or hiding behind the computer or complaining how tired they are. I love it.

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