Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free People Inspiration

A very happy middle of the week to you! Let me share a secret with you.. for the last year or so, all I  have wanted to do is grab Free People's Cairo (left) or Moto Distressed backpack, wear my friendship bracelets and head out to explore the world. After years of being suburban and dressing suburban, I suddenly felt myself returning to the dress/accessories code of my early twenties. Beads and baubles. Bags like the gorgeous Tapestry bag (below) for all those inevitable flea market trips. Flowing hair. (I also wrote poetry, but that's another story.)
I am certainly enjoying the boho resurgence in my life. Of course, it is aided by my Berkeley student life but mostly by the new/old feeling that anything is possible. That you don't need to stay in that rut. Take your life where you want it to go. (Don't forget those beautiful slouchy bags though!)

Serious crush on this!

Visit Free People here
(I have blogged about them before here.)

Image credits/copyright: Free People

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