Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello Monday

Did you have a good weekend? I have had a great time. As I have mentioned before, being Indian and American, the festive social whirl starts early- but this year, it has started in late July! This weekend was no exception: think gorgeous women in silk saris and exquisite jewels. (One of the occasions was at this fellow blogger + friend's house. We met in the blogosphere and then discovered we lived just a street or two away!)
The icing on my birthday cake, was the surprise party that my husband, in cahoots with my sister and brother in law, threw me on Saturday. It was just lovely to see my friends gathered together (though we missed a few who aren't back from vacation). A big thank you, dear readers for your birthday wishes and for taking part in the Anthro giveaway. Remember it runs through the month, so do spread the word.  Have a great week and see you soon!

Image credits: OUATT.

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