Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home Tour: Deepa in Dallas

I haven't featured a home tour in ages, so here is one of a lovely home in Dallas, Texas. It is the home of Deepa, who is a physician here in the US and lives with her husband and her son, and who wrote to me about her interest in all things design and decor and how it plays out in her home. (I have a pet theory about people who are trained in the biological sciences and how that seems to awaken in us a deep-rooted fascination/appreciation for color and design.) On the surface, her style is different from my own (I am incapable of leaving walls alone!) but look a little deeper, and  you will find earthy colors and a similar mix of contemporary and traditional. Deepa is originally from Bangalore, India and has lived in Texas for the last 12 years. She and her family have since moved and are in the process of finding a new home. This is what she has to say... "Home and entertaining are central to our existence and after a hard day’s work or at the end of a busy work week, we love coming to a home where we can relax and unwind. My husband and I have always taken pride in our home. Overall, our home is a reflection of our ethnic roots.  From art work in the Warli and Tanjore style to the foot stool in the Rajasthani patch work style, our home is filled with treasures that speak to our Indian origin. Even our choice of furniture was largely guided by our Indian aesthetic sensibilities. We reached for pieces with a lot of sculpting in it - columns and arches. We went for darker tones and solid wood but the challenge was to balance style and function. Also, you will see a lot of black pieces in our home and that was our way of adding a modern twist to the antique styling. "

Of course, when one is gunning for the eastern d├ęcor – color is key!  Color brings in vibrancy and adds richness. However, we have been very hesitant to try color on our walls.  So, our color fix comes primarily through accent pieces – the rugs, the art work, the pillows and the accessories. Some one once asked me to pick my favorite pieces in our home and as hard as it was to isolate them I do have a few favorites– my four poster canopy bed, my jewel toned square Tabriz rug and  my Lakshmi Tanjore painting with its exquisite details  made it to the list without a doubt! 
Over the 12 years that we  have lived in the US, we have had our fair share of moving. Education and work has taken us to different cities and different homes. As exhausting as each of those moves was, the love of decorating and putting a personal stamp on our pad was what kept us going each time. Artfully decorating our American home with a rustic Indian influence is a task we have thoroughly enjoyed and we are now looking forward to buying our second home and personalizing it yet again!"

I hope you enjoyed browsing through the pictures and reading about Deepa's design and decor choices. 

Thanks for sharing, Deepa!

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