Friday, August 31, 2012

Ikea Inspiration: Black, White and Orange

The last day of August! Fall is on it's way and I am finding it harder to wake up in the mornings because it is so dark. The traditional fall colors of red, orange, rust, brown and green are everywhere in decor magazines, store catalogs, blogs etc. But this year, I am really liking the pairing of a very graphic black and white with the red/orange-y tones. The 2013 Ikea catalog has this pairing and I have to tell you, the combination is an attention-grabber. It really wakes up the room and makes it contemporary yet allowing you to reflect the colors of the season. Ikea's Lappljung Ruta pillow covers and rug are very ikat-esque, aren't they?

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Image credits/copyright/links: Ikea.

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