Thursday, August 23, 2012

John Robshaw Textiles

I have blogged about the John Robshaw Textiles many times because for me, his collections bring together the romance and traditions of the East and give them that contemporary twist, making them edgier and more beautiful. I am from India, I grew up in the Middle East and have lived in the US for more than 15 years. I recognize familiar Eastern motifs in the Robshaw collections but meeting them in unexpected contexts and colors startles and delights me and makes me appreciate them anew. I think almost all the fabrics are hand block printed and if you are not familiar with it, let me assure you that the art of carving wooden (teak) blocks to create the patterns and then hand stamping them on to fabric is sheer poetry in action. Traditionally, the block prints that are available in India and from many companies selling them to a Western audience come in a riot of colors: bright reds and greens, vivid pinks and of course, the dashing but moody  indigo. It's like India the country has been portrayed in fabric by the block printers. And it's beautiful! Western designers take the colors and tone them down or highlight just one color against a neutral backdrop allowing it to shine. Suddenly beige is not just a supporting actor but the star. And that is a thrilling moment. I get carried away when I write about block prints, the sheer power of fabrics to transform anything and the giddy excitement I feel when I chance on an old motif in a new role but if you are still reading, maybe you understand the feeling? The pictures are from the John Robshaw Textiles Fall collection and also of many of their new products. I love the fanciful headboards: perfect for the Maharani in you (speaking, of course, to my predominantly female audience).

I love the brass vases and the bone inlay frames!

(Totally my dream room!)

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Image credit/copyright: John Robshaw Textiles

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