Monday, August 6, 2012

Kathryn M. Ireland

Hello, Monday! I am starting the week with these interiors designed by Kathryn M. Ireland whose style I adore and aspire to. I love her unabashed love of color, usually in the form of beautiful fabrics, played out against the backdrop of cream walls. There is always a vibe of a party getting started, of gathering friends and family and celebrating life. 

Kathryn Ireland Veranda magazine

Kathryn Ireland BBC Homes and Antiques

Kathryn Ireland BBC Homes and Antiques

I found these assortment of pictures at her website and have reaffirmed my status as a fangirl! My absolute favorite room by Kathryn M. Ireland of course is this one (I may have blogged about it before but I can't help sharing it again!)...

Visit the designer's website here

Image credits/copyright: 1.Veranda; Photography by Mikkel Vang; 2 and 3. Homes and Antiques magazine; 4. The Lady; 5 and 6.) Veranda magazine; Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna.

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