Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let's go away...

When I first started writing my travel related posts back in 2009 ( I think all of them started with Let's go away together.. or something similar), I had become largely immune to the travel bug. I had traveled a lot growing up. As cash-strapped newly weds, my husband and I took frequent road trips in Southeastern United States and flew to other parts of the country whenever an opportunity (conferences etc.) or a good deal came up. (Some of those trips were more adventurous than I expected and have become legend among our friends.) And like most Indians in America, we made yearly trips back to visit family. In my case, I went back to Muscat, Oman where my parents lived and to India too. Then I entered into a nesting phase. My daily life had it's own share of turmoil and all I craved was the comfort and mundane of routine.   I still wrote about it on the blog because armchair travel (via a book or a computer) still makes interesting reading and that was the only way of travel I was ready for. It also added  a much-loved global flavor to the blog.
 Now, I feel ready again to venture into the world, to shake off my complacency and to experience something new. In fact, a certain restlessness has set in and it is all I can do to keep my feet on the ground.
As a family, when we choose where to go,  we favor sandy beaches, large expanses of sky and crystal blue waters.  And nowadays, we keep time aside to find bookstores, quaint antique stores and street markets.

 I live with a hiking-mad, not-a trip-till-you-have-stood-on-the-edge-of-a-cliff man but it helps that he loves bookstores almost as much as I do and can be coaxed off the cliffside with a lure of browsing aisle after aisle of old and new books. And my two boys love finding a new old treasure. 

What about you? What kind of places do you like to visit or dream of visiting? If you had to decide the one place that you absolutely want to go, which one would you choose? Summer in the US is coming to an end and this post is an ode to travels, big and small.

Images: OUATT. All pictures taken by me. 

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