Wednesday, August 29, 2012

M is for Macarons

I am popping in to say a brief Hello and share some virtual macarons with you! Macarons have being popping up on so many webpages that I have visited over the last few days that I decided to dedicate a post to the French dessert. After all, what's a tea-crazy blog without a pretty dessert? This picture is from the Stylist (UK) and they even have a recipe from Philippe Andrieu's book on the French confectioner Ladurée and their macarons.

The wedding and all things gorgeous magazine Smitten has a feature on Ladurée in their anniversary issue and you can read about it here.

(And it's 12:30PM.. too early for a cup of chai?)

Image credits/copyright/links: 1. Stylist (UK); 2 and 3. Smitten magazine.

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