Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Once Upon A Tea Time

I wish I could say that this post will share vital information with you but no. All this post can do is send some beautiful pictures your way of my home office and blogging headquarters. Maybe you have your cup of tea and are looking for something pretty to accompany it? The reason I am sharing these pictures today is that after a short summer break, I have moved back into this tiny room. It is right next to the attic and can get hot and I have been using my bed as blog central. Today, a cool breeze blew in and you felt it was coming straight from the Pacific Ocean. And it was time to move back in with these guys and..

This room was a birthday present and it continues to be my favorite room in the entire house. The walls have filled up and across the room is a chair with a stack of vintage tapestries: I am looking for a little cabinet to store them in. I didn't follow any rules and have surrounded myself with all the things I love. The view from behind the table looks like this..

And this cutout is my favorite of all because for me, it's true of my entire house. 

I hope you enjoy looking at all the pictures.

Image credits/copyright: OUATT.

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