Monday, August 20, 2012

Support the Artisans: Forages (UK)

Forages Tea Print

This is the first time I am featuring the work of designers and artisans here in the Western world under the umbrella of my Support the Artisans project and I am excited! I heard from Sefika Sakalli, cofounder of UK based Forages, an online platform for young and upcoming designers to showcase their products to a worldwide audience. In Sefika's own words.."Forages was founded with the idea of helping to promote designers work, through the use of marketing as well as allowing them to sell their products through the shop. We already knew that these designers were out there as we had first hand experience, but we also knew that without marketing help and advice many designers are unsure which way to turn. Which is where Forages comes in: they take care of everything from uploading and managing content online to marketing.  
Forages Stationery

Sefika says,"We love to see handmade, beautifully made products and applications are always open for designers to apply. We're looking to expand our product range now as we are nearly at our first birthday so we're encouraging applications from the likes of jewellery designers, furniture makers, milliners, personal accessory designers, designer makers of children's ware and more." So if you are a UK-based, creator extraordinaire, what are you waiting for? The first 100 designer/makers who register before the 30th of September and are accepted to sell receive an exclusive membership discount! Click here to apply. What's in it for the rest of us? Forages ships to the US, UK and the rest of Europe, so browse on over to find your favorite designer/product. Curious about the name? There is a story, so head there now!
Image credits/copyright: Via Forages (UK). 1. Sean Simms ; 2. Archie Grand; 3 and 4: Ellie Hyde

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