Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Inn of the Five Graces

This is The Inn of the Five Graces in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is boho chic heaven and a fabric lover's dream all rolled into an adobe-wrapped package. And did I mention that there is incredibly beautiful mosaic tile work?  I could live here all through the year: in the summer, the cool and dark interiors would be the perfect refuge and come winter, I can stay in like an Eastern princess in her palace and be waited on hand and foot. I think it's the end of summer that has me feeling all cooped in and wanting one more vacation before the regular grind takes over. I had love to go to Santa Fe in time for the International Folk Art market: in fact, I am thinking of going next year. Until then, I will dreams of rooms lined with suzanis!

Visit them here.

Image credits/copyright/links: The Inn of the Five Graces; link via Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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