Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Clicks

So if you have been reading these past few months, I have become inordinately obsessed with my teacup/mug drawer and the view every time I open it is different akin to shaking a kaleidoscope. I have some new additions to my collection (thanks to my Mom who went to Good Earth in Mumbai after I blogged about it and bought me a mug for my collection). As you can see my obsession continues...

Image credits: Taken by me and magicked with Instagram.

Friday, September 28, 2012

OUATT: The Weekend Edition

I thought I would do a weekend edition on Friday to share with you some more of the stores/products, designers, organizations, events that I get emails from. Starting off this weekend with a big, bulging file-worth of links and clippings just for you...
1.Waat Eet Ees: An India-based company that sells bidri jewelry and cool Warli-painted umbrellas!

Love this umbrella with the warli figure in numerous yoga poses!
Find them here.

2. RoomStory: There has been an explosion of online curated marketplaces and as a consumer, you may be overwhelmed. RoomStory stands out for its contemporary collection for the home and may I say, very attractive, clean and crisp pictures. When you are an online store, the visual context (okay, eye candy) you provide is important....

Among their many products, they carry Black Pepper Dessin's seriously GORGEOUS pillows....

Visit RoomStory here.

3. I was guest curator at Zansaar last week. Visit my collection of items here.

4. And for all of us Stateside, if you are in New York, check out 3 Bees Paperiethe makers of beautiful stationery, and other vendors at the Diwali Gift Fair...

RSVP here.

I think I am going to post more tomorrow because this is already a pretty long post. Enjoy, visit all these wonderful websites and come back tomorrow for more! 

(All images are copyrighted to the companies involved.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Noorani Biswas

It is slowly getting cooler here in Northern California and in Berkeley, people have started sporting scarves and stoles, my favorite accessories. These two ikat silk stoles from designer Noorani Biswas on Aniika look perfect for fall and winter, their colors echoing the seasons. The grey stole is made lively by those cheeky bright pom-poms: sort of like winter enlivened by all the festivities. Totally love these!

Visit Noorani Biswas here.

Image credits/copyright: Noorani Biswas.

Support The White Light Store

(Handmade paper box: perfect for gifting)

I want to share The White Light store on Shopo with you. The gorgeous products, ranging from candles to bags and stationery, are made by individuals with developmental disabilities and members of marginalized groups in India, are up-cycled (made from waste, natural fibre etc) and environment-friendly. Go on, support them and make a difference: you know you want to!

The Rajdulari Brocade bag.

Visit The White Light store here.

Image credits/copyright: The White Light. 

Library Inspiration

I love this library. The home that it is part of is located in Spain's Costa Brava and it is featured on design site inthralld . You should head on over and drool at the amazing views and the clean, crisp lines of the house. And of course, that library. 

Image credits/copyright: Link via Inthralld. Design by Jordi Garcés and photography by Adriá Goula.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What my Tea says to me...

I heard from Jennifer R. Cook of Cats In The Bag design via FB about her illustrations series What my Coffee says to me and What my Tea says to me. Since we are partial to tea here, I wanted to share Jennifer's artwork on tea because the pairing of Jennifer's whimsical teacups and pots and the quotes is, as she would say, TEAlightful!

(This one is so true!)

You can see the entire series on Pinterest here. It is sure to bring a smile to your face, so head on over!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Image credits/copyright: Jennifer R. Cook/Cats In The Bag Design.

Tea time, Country Homes and Interiors+ A Book

This picture from Country Homes and Interiors has all that I want from life on any given afternoon (around 4PM, tea time to be precise). A comfortable and pretty chair, a cup of tea, a book or two (or three).  Everything else is unnecessary. What do you say? 

(I get occasional emails asking me what books I am currently reading and I love hearing from people suggesting titles for me. To all those readers: I am reading The Emperor of All Maladies, A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee. Unputdownable, poetic and compassionate.)

Image credits/copyright: 1.) From the always inspiring Country Homes and Interiors (UK); 2.) Amazon.


India-based store Fabindia is a huge family favorite and every time we visit India, they are the one store that I go to as soon as we reach and again, before we leave. We stock up on cotton tops, salwars, silk stoles and kurtas for the  3 boys. Fabindia's collection of items for the home always tempt me and they carry a collection of furniture, linens and accessories that to me is representative of Indian design. A lot of Indian design that I see today embraces minimalism but the gleaming dark woods, the crisp cottons, the hand-woven, rough texture of the khadi, the stiff silks and the flowing linen, the block prints, the kalamkari- they are the quintessential India that I carry in my head. Adore you, Fabindia and wish you would come to California so that I can buy that teak table and not worry about stuffing it into my suitcase! Of course, they do have an online store and ship internationally, so don't wait till you make that trip to India. I spotted these silk and cotton pattern-rich pillows and other items that are perfect for fall. 

Visit Fabindia here.

Image credits/copyright: Fabindia.

Monday, September 24, 2012

fabulloso!: Tea Kettle

Totally love The Color Caravan's Ganesh Madhubani kettle available on fabulloso! Just love the combination of folksy charm+modern lines and colors. Find it here.

Image credits/copyright: The Color Caravan via fabulloso!

Hello, again

10:11 AM (Pacific time). Really ought to be getting some work done but can't get over how pretty this picture (found on BHG) is. It is very fall, isn't it? It makes me think of how I follow the sunshine in my house, looking for corners in the house to bask in the sun's warmth.
PS. I spent the weekend rereading Bridget Jones's Diary, parts 1 and 2 (The Edge of Reason). It never fails to crack me up and is actually one of those few books that I can read again and again. It may also explain why I feel the urge to write short and frequent blog entries à la Bridget!

Image credits: BHG.


 I had planned to have a post ready for this Monday but just got swamped. So, instead of missing writing this post, I decided to write on, and share pictures of, where I am this Monday morning. At home but working. The radio is on in the background as I am addicted to news radio and I like the companionship of the voices. And apparently (and quite unintentionally), I am surrounded by all things pink. So, on this lovely fall Monday morning, I am sending some pink prettiness your way. My 4 year old niece would approve. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope these pictures will brighten up your day and that you will look anew at your surroundings and see the beauty in the little things.

Have a great week!

Image credits/copyright: OUATT; taken this morning in my little blog HQ. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Weekend!

It's the weekend! And this is how mine is going to look like.. just add stacks of papers to read and my laptop. I am really looking forward to this weekend because we have had a very hectic start to the school year with everyone catching an early bout of the flu. We are all better but I am just looking forward to pamper the family with lots of love and piping hot food on this first fall weekend. The kids have their usual activities (soccer, birthday etc.) but we are going to take some time out and sit under the stars and mark the passage of seasons. 
What are you up to? 
The image is from West Elm's latest catalog for fallI heard they are coming to Palo Alto and am totally looking forward to that! Their look is very representative of my current design aesthetic. Very global design+ modern clean lines. 
Have a great weekend and I will see you soon. 

Image credits/copyright: West Elm. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Support The Artisans: Indika

I found Indika, an online store that sources artisan-crafted items and I wanted to share them with you. With the festive season around the corner, here is a great idea for party favors...

Gudhari beaded bags handcrafted by a women's craft co-operative in Northern India.

Small cloth-bound journals

While visiting the Indika site, don't forget to browse their collection of Tree of Life applique cushion covers...

and the Warli print table linen, cushion covers and tea cosies which are on sale right now....

Visit Indika here

Image credits/copyright: Indika

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tea Cups from Good Earth

These beautiful, striking and well-rounded (yes, these things matter to me) tea cups from Good Earth caught my eye. They have quotes on the inside.  I am not sure if the store ships internationally (they do have a personal shopper feature) but I am going to see if my Mom (who lives in Mumbai, India) would be willing to pay them a visit and pick up a cup or two? Pretty please?
Visit the Good Earth FB page here and their website here.

Image credits/copyright: Good Earth. 

A Postcard From My Life

It has been one of those busy weeks, the kind that leaves you reeling (and it isn't over yet). As Once Upon A Tea Time grows, the number of emails that I receive has gone up and they vary in their content. Invitations to events (both live and social networking), invitations to write guest posts, requests to be featured on the blog, product information, requests for ad rates, inquiries about where to buy something or how to start a blog or a decor/design related business and so on.  Of course, it wouldn't be the internet if I didn't get a bucketload of spam as well! It is wonderful and an honor to hear from so many different people and I try to answer each one and as promptly as possible. But I hope you understand that I am a wife and mom, that I work and am a grad student and blogger and give me a little turnaround time to respond.

I love my life and wouldn't trade it for anything but having it be so busy means the time that I devote to fun, to entertaining, to being with friends is close to zero right now! I miss that (my best buddy would nod sagely because we haven't been able to do our weekly lunches or teas for a while now) and when I scout pictures for the blog, the ones that really resonate with me are those that involve bringing together friends and family. The latest Serena and Lily catalog had these picture and I immediately felt a pang.

(And the words... may I just say that the designer(s), stylist(s) and photographer (s) behind all things Serena and Lily capture my thoughts and likes so well that it is almost telepathic!) 
If only I could carve out some time to do nothing but talk and laugh and enjoy a cup of chai without once looking at my watch.. wouldn't that be nice?!
Visit Serena and Lily here.

Image credits/copyright: 1 and 2: Once Upon A Tea Time; 3and 4: Serena and Lily