Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Postcard From My Life

It has been one of those busy weeks, the kind that leaves you reeling (and it isn't over yet). As Once Upon A Tea Time grows, the number of emails that I receive has gone up and they vary in their content. Invitations to events (both live and social networking), invitations to write guest posts, requests to be featured on the blog, product information, requests for ad rates, inquiries about where to buy something or how to start a blog or a decor/design related business and so on.  Of course, it wouldn't be the internet if I didn't get a bucketload of spam as well! It is wonderful and an honor to hear from so many different people and I try to answer each one and as promptly as possible. But I hope you understand that I am a wife and mom, that I work and am a grad student and blogger and give me a little turnaround time to respond.

I love my life and wouldn't trade it for anything but having it be so busy means the time that I devote to fun, to entertaining, to being with friends is close to zero right now! I miss that (my best buddy would nod sagely because we haven't been able to do our weekly lunches or teas for a while now) and when I scout pictures for the blog, the ones that really resonate with me are those that involve bringing together friends and family. The latest Serena and Lily catalog had these picture and I immediately felt a pang.

(And the words... may I just say that the designer(s), stylist(s) and photographer (s) behind all things Serena and Lily capture my thoughts and likes so well that it is almost telepathic!) 
If only I could carve out some time to do nothing but talk and laugh and enjoy a cup of chai without once looking at my watch.. wouldn't that be nice?!
Visit Serena and Lily here.

Image credits/copyright: 1 and 2: Once Upon A Tea Time; 3and 4: Serena and Lily

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