Saturday, September 8, 2012

Book Clubs

On weekends, whenever I have a free moment, I think of getting my friends together and forming a book club. I can't decide what I like most about the idea: the books, the BOOKS, the camaraderie of friends with books, the warm and fuzzy feeling that movies about book clubs always evoke in me or the kind of rooms that the club would meet in. Let's talk about the rooms. They would have to be warm and welcoming, need adequate seating and of course, be interesting. Okay, there is no rule that says that the room has to be interesting but wouldn't it be nice if they were? I always think of a home as being a window into the owner's life and personality.  Many people express themselves in the care they take over their fashion style or the car they drive etc. For me, it's the home. I have put together a list of rooms that are just begging for a book club to move in. I have featured these rooms before but they are definitely worth admiring again. 

                  (Definitely Anne Perry)

(Jane Austen, of course!)

(Gabriel Garcia Marquez, don't you think?)

(Naguib Mahfouz !)

What books would you discuss in these rooms? Share!

I have written about my book club aspirations before.

Image credits: 1. My home, taken by me; 2.) April issue of The World of Interiors. Photography by the amazing Tim Beddow; 3.  Veranda magazine; 4. Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna;  5. Pottery Barn;  6. Roger Davies for Elle Decor; 7.  Tomas Alia in Architectural Digest (Spain); Link via Zinio; Photographed by Ricardo Labougle. 

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