Friday, September 28, 2012

OUATT: The Weekend Edition

I thought I would do a weekend edition on Friday to share with you some more of the stores/products, designers, organizations, events that I get emails from. Starting off this weekend with a big, bulging file-worth of links and clippings just for you...
1.Waat Eet Ees: An India-based company that sells bidri jewelry and cool Warli-painted umbrellas!

Love this umbrella with the warli figure in numerous yoga poses!
Find them here.

2. RoomStory: There has been an explosion of online curated marketplaces and as a consumer, you may be overwhelmed. RoomStory stands out for its contemporary collection for the home and may I say, very attractive, clean and crisp pictures. When you are an online store, the visual context (okay, eye candy) you provide is important....

Among their many products, they carry Black Pepper Dessin's seriously GORGEOUS pillows....

Visit RoomStory here.

3. I was guest curator at Zansaar last week. Visit my collection of items here.

4. And for all of us Stateside, if you are in New York, check out 3 Bees Paperiethe makers of beautiful stationery, and other vendors at the Diwali Gift Fair...

RSVP here.

I think I am going to post more tomorrow because this is already a pretty long post. Enjoy, visit all these wonderful websites and come back tomorrow for more! 

(All images are copyrighted to the companies involved.)

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