Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Postcard from My Life

This post is more of a sentimental postcard. My two boys are my pride and joy and being their mom is something that informs and influences everything I do.  My 8 year old creates magical shapes with paper: planes that swoop and glide, still and silent cranes, graceful butterflies, powerful Ninja stars (boys!). He loves making orgiami creations and he is very skillful and can make the minutest folds. I find them everywhere: around the house, in my bag, under my pillow, between the pages of my books. I told him I need a large glass jar, like the one above, so that I can put them all in and look at them daily. It will be like capturing a part of his childhood forever.

Image credit/copyright: Antique Glass jars from Pottery Barn

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

John Robshaw Prints

I got my copy of  John Robshaw Prints: Textiles, Block printing, Global Inspiration, and Interiors in the mail yesterday and I think the title of the book covers pretty much all that I blog about, so, of course, I love the book! I have been crazy about every aspect of block printing for as long as I can remember whether it is the meticulous and painstaking art of block carving or the repetitive task of printing and this book is Robshaw's ode to this and other art forms. 
Traditional art form+Contemporary design=Sheer genius!
 The book makes for a great read as well as having the kind of pictures that makes you (me) want to sell everything and move lock, stock and barrel to Sanganer to live amongst the colors and creativity and the prints and patterns. Or be a nomad and go wherever inspiration beckons. Get your copy now. (You can get a signed copy here.)

Image credits/copyright: John Robshaw Prints: Textiles, Block printing, Global Inspiration, and Interiors.

Sponsor Welcome: Shawls and Quilts

I want to share with you a wonderful new resource for kantha work: Shawls and Quilts. As the name suggests, they have silk shawls, lots of quilts, tapestries, duvet covers and throws. They ship worldwide and accept PayPal and that means there is no stopping you from getting one today! Kantha work is very close to my heart and I have blogged many times about it. It is not just a simple running stitch but a way for (usually) women  to work together, create something beautiful, earn their living and better their economic conditions and form social bonds that can last a lifetime.

Visit Shawls and Quilts here and support this wonderful art!

Image credits/copyright: Shawls and Quilts.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Japani from PlayClan

"There is a hint of Japan in India and a bit of India in Japan." That is the theme behind the Japani collection from PlayClan and it celebrates what the two countries have in common. Whether you are familiar with chai or chado, you are going to love this!
Japani from PlayClan

(This mug is going to kick me into high mug-collecting frenzy!) 

Visit the Japani collection from PlayClan here.

Image credits/copyright: PlayClan.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pondicherry: Stylish totes

I am going to start the week with these tote bags from online destination Pondicherry that are just begging to come home with me. Ever since stores stopped giving out plastic bags, totes and bags of all sizes have become a way of life for us here in the South Bay. These would make such a stylish, green statement. Visit Pondicherry here to find out how you can get one of your own. 

Image credits/copyright: Via Pondicherry shop. Thanks, Anita!

Friday, October 26, 2012

West Elm Style

I am in love with the bench-at-the-dining-table setup! My sister has one in her home and I am always drawn to sit at it because it is so open and inviting and just begs for you to sit and linger over your cup of chai, maybe spread out your magazines to share. I think this particular table from West Elm is going to be on my wish list because of its organic look that would match the reclaimed redwood coffee table and the exposed brick wall in my home. Talking of West Elm, their new store has opened in Palo Alto. They were so kind to invite me to a blogger preview tour before the store opened but unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it because of a time conflict with one of my grad classes up in Berkeley. 
(Choosing diseases over design! Such is the life of a grad student.) 
I am going to visit the store soon though because their whole look is what my style is gravitating towards. An edgier global look. It is almost as if all the different combinations and permutations that I have experimented with over the years have found perfect expression in their style. What about you? How has your style changed over the years? Is it something that is constantly evolving or have you always loved one style over the other? Do share your thoughts. 
You can visit West Elm here.

Images credit/copyright: West Elm

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zansaar Giveaway

I am here to share a special giveaway, courtesy of the folks at Zansaar. They want to give away one gorgeous  Star-patterned Quilt to a lucky reader living in India. It will be shipped free to you. 

What do you have to do? 

1. Log on to and browse their amazing selection of items for you and your home.
2. Leave a comment below (the post) telling us what your favourite product is on the site.

The winner will be selected randomly. The contest is eligible only to residents of India. The contest runs until November 1st.

Image credits/copyright: Zansaar

Niki Jones

The latest additions to the Niki Jones collection are perfect for adding a dash of sumptuous color this winter. As I have mentioned before, I have fallen for bold graphics in a big way and adding them to a room really wakes it up. And marrying traditional techniques like crewel work with modern designs makes for exciting products!

(LOVE both the turquoise color and the jali pattern!)

Visit Niki Jones here.

Image credits/copyright: Niki Jones

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Over a cup of tea: Reflections

Every blogger knows that there are days when a post just won't come together and others when it writes itself. This post has been bubbling up the entire day today and I wanted to write it down before I go to bed. Wednesdays, as I have mentioned before, are my busiest and most challenging days and the drive back home late in the evening always leaves me reflective. Read on, and maybe you will find something in common to reflect on too. 

1. I am the type of person who responds best to situations where everything goes right the first time. Put a bump in the road and I tend to quit the race, at least temporarily. I retreat into my shell. After the initial shock passes, I start to recalibrate and then, (maybe) emerge cautiously for a second trial. I used to get upset at myself for reacting this way but now, I give myself that space. That is who I am. I think it's important to respect our strengths as well as our (perceived) weaknesses. 

2. If I could wish for and get  one superhero skill/ability, I would ask for a force field or a Teflon coating around me, so that adverse comments and the like bounce off of me and I just keep moving forward, smiling and waving gracefully. 
What superhero ability would you wish for? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Image credits: Taken by me.

Lucky Woman!

What if a woman wakes up in the morning and discovers she is married to George Clooney, though she doesn't remember anything about how it all came about? See this fun ad for Norwegian bank DnB and then go to Adweek to see the others ads in the series.

Link via Adweek. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saturated With Color

These 'saturated with color' rooms are featured in the Oct-Nov issue of Elle Decor (India) and though I prefer creamy white walls, there is something about these colors that suggests a bejeweled refuge from the city (in this case, Mumbai). Are these colors you would try out? 

Image credits/copyright: Javed Gaya's home featured in Elle Decor (India); photography by Fram Petit

Monday, October 22, 2012


Danish design company BoConcept has everything you need for the contemporary home. To me, they epitomize bright, airy spaces and clean modern lines. Their 2013 online catalog is a great  inspiration and you can find it here.

(I was browsing through the pages and I found these two pictures that represent my life at any given moment!)

Image credits/copyright: BoConcept.


Is it me you are looking for? I took a break this past week to relax and to press the reset button. I didn't blog, I wasn't on the internet much and I checked email only once a day. I was so tired that I found it hard to maintain the schedule that I have been on for most of the past year and a half. The time coincided with, what for me, is a busy social season. The perfect time to take a break.

It was also a good time to evaluate what the blog means to me and how I was going to keep up the posting schedule. One thing was clear: I loved blogging and couldn't imagine stopping it. I think I would blog even if I have just the one reader because it allows me to share my appreciation of everything I find beautiful. But I do need to work on a more manageable schedule, one that allows me to enjoy writing a post rather than feel pressured to write one. While I work through all that, I want to share with you a few pictures from this year's Navaratri (an Indian doll festival). 
 (Instagram gives them a surreal feel, don't you think?) 

Feel free to leave me a comment sharing your thoughts on achieving a work-life-blogging balance!

(Image credits/copyright: All taken by me. Image 2 is a picture I took of a page from the latest Country Living. )

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mammoth and Company Giveaway Winner

I forgot to announce the winner of the Mammoth and Company art print giveaway last week. But here I am and the winner is...

Amu said...

The KeyHole ( is beautiful and my favourite from their collection :)

Congratulations, Amu! Could you please send me your email so that I can forward it to the folks at Mammoth and Company? Thanks to all for taking part!
Image credits/copyright: Key Hole by Grant Harder via Mammoth and Company.

Hello Monday

It is one of those gloomy mornings with no sun in sight that is perfect for staying in bed with a hot cup of tea and some toast with marmalade on it. So today, I am drawn to this simple and elegant tea cup set for one that I spotted on Ruche along with the Fondant Dessert plates.  No fuss nor frills, just hot tea and plenty of comfort.

Image credits/copyright: Ruche.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Navaratri 2012

This weekend, we are going to be getting ready to celebrate an Indian festival called Navaratri ( I have blogged about it many times before). It is a grand time of the year. Maybe you are preparing for it too? It involves quite a lot of work: moving furniture to accommodate the step display, lugging boxes of dolls from the attic, performing first aid on dolls that may have a detached arm or a bumped nose and really rearranging your daily life for the next 10 days.. As with everything in life, there are two ways that people look at it: you can think of it as a hassle and as yet another "thing to do" in your super-busy life or you can think of it as a beautiful tradition that you are part of and want to honor.  I urge you to think of it as the lovely, colorful tradition it is. My favorite part of Navaratri in our household is the fusion of old and new, of East and West. I want to share with you a few pictures as the dolls start to come out of their tissue paper wrapping. 

(In case you are wondering, this is an old much-loved Russian nesting doll bought at an antique store. The others are wooden dolls from different parts of India.)

Wherever in the world you are, have a wonderful festive season.

(Images taken by me.)