Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Postcard from My Life

This post is more of a sentimental postcard. My two boys are my pride and joy and being their mom is something that informs and influences everything I do.  My 8 year old creates magical shapes with paper: planes that swoop and glide, still and silent cranes, graceful butterflies, powerful Ninja stars (boys!). He loves making orgiami creations and he is very skillful and can make the minutest folds. I find them everywhere: around the house, in my bag, under my pillow, between the pages of my books. I told him I need a large glass jar, like the one above, so that I can put them all in and look at them daily. It will be like capturing a part of his childhood forever.

Image credit/copyright: Antique Glass jars from Pottery Barn

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