Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Over a cup of tea: Reflections

Every blogger knows that there are days when a post just won't come together and others when it writes itself. This post has been bubbling up the entire day today and I wanted to write it down before I go to bed. Wednesdays, as I have mentioned before, are my busiest and most challenging days and the drive back home late in the evening always leaves me reflective. Read on, and maybe you will find something in common to reflect on too. 

1. I am the type of person who responds best to situations where everything goes right the first time. Put a bump in the road and I tend to quit the race, at least temporarily. I retreat into my shell. After the initial shock passes, I start to recalibrate and then, (maybe) emerge cautiously for a second trial. I used to get upset at myself for reacting this way but now, I give myself that space. That is who I am. I think it's important to respect our strengths as well as our (perceived) weaknesses. 

2. If I could wish for and get  one superhero skill/ability, I would ask for a force field or a Teflon coating around me, so that adverse comments and the like bounce off of me and I just keep moving forward, smiling and waving gracefully. 
What superhero ability would you wish for? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Image credits: Taken by me.

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