Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Support the Artisans: Bagru Textiles

I want to share my latest block printing resource with you: Bagru Textiles! Bagru is a place located near Jaipur in India and the Chippa community there has been block printing for 350 years! I have heard of the Bagru block printers but didn't realize that the practice dated so long back. Bagru Textiles are a group that aim to support block printing artisanal communities by eliminating middlemen and bringing you, the consumer, closer to the artisans that create these gorgeous products. Their artisans are shareholders and receive annual dividends.  They make hand block printed scarves, pillows and other fabrics and retail via their Etsy store. They also conduct group block printing workshops. So here is your chance to get yourself something beautiful and hand crafted and do a world of good all at the same time. The idea of going on a block printing workshop is one that I am so tempted by.
Visit their website here

Image credits/links: Bagru Textiles

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