Friday, October 12, 2012

Support The Artisans: Matsya

Matsya (about whom I have blogged before) is an India-based organization and they offer a range of artisan-made products for the home. I went back to their site after many months today and look what I found! These "Brass Blocks"used for printing are lovely. With Navaratri just around the corner, I know many have party favors and goodie bags on their mind and while this post may be too late for this year, do keep it in mind for all your upcoming occasions. I know it would be a treat to open and see this gorgeous work of art within. 

And how pretty are these ladles with their painted stems?

Visit Matsya here.
(I hope you will come back over the weekend as I share with you the unpacking of the dolls for Navaratri. )

Image credits/copyright: Matsya Crafts

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