Friday, November 16, 2012

A Postcard From My Life: Keeping it real

I wanted to stop by and say Hello to you. Writing the blog is like therapy for me: it helps me clarify my thoughts and relax in a way that no other hobby or pursuit has ever done. 
If you write a blog and really enjoy the process, I urge you to not let lack of web traffic ever stop you because you have found a hobby that you can carry on forever. You just need your thoughts and an internet connection. What else do you do to relax?  I have found that doing something creative makes me happiest. I am never going to be DIY goddess (not even an entry-level goddess type) but I like scrapbooking: no fancy papers for me though. I use cutouts from magazines, paste them into my journal  and being a visual person, the colors, the prints and the patterns really make me happier than a preschooler with glitter glue.
 I would love to hear from you on what you do to make yourself happy.

As the blog has grown, I always wonder how much of a dose of my reality to inject into a blog on luscious interiors and gorgeous textiles. It was easier when the only readers were my mom and my sister: they graciously read everything I wrote. Hopefully, you will find something of beauty in these words too.

I have had a stressful few weeks and have found it the hardest thing to get up, put my smile on, put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Nothing serious but stressful all the same. All of us have days or weeks like that, don't we? During this time, what has stood out is  kindness: a kind word to reassure, a joke to lighten things up, a smile. I am always amazed at how kind people really are. We are all busy, everyone's got their own problems, everyone is in a rush but a kind word from you can  make someone's day. 

It's Thanksgiving next week and this is a tradition that I totally admire. I am giving thanks for my wonderful family, friends (every girl needs a best friend) and for all of you that graciously come back to read. Have a great weekend!

Images: Taken by me. This is the room I use to write my blog. It is turning slowly into a "I Spy meets The Old Curiosity Shop" type of place. I love it!

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