Thursday, November 8, 2012


Glass lamp with kundan work
I have to tell you that the last thing on my mind is Diwali because it's toward the end of the year and many projects are due at school and at work. Also, I usually pour all my energy and creativity into Navaratri and Diwali is an afterthought. I know that's surprising but I have friends that take Diwali very seriously and the party just moves there for me (and minus all the work). But we do spruce up the house and put out the diyas to mark the occasion. I want to share with you pictures from previous years  and maybe in a day or two, from this season. I think the style reflects my Eastern roots peppered with the Western influences of the last 15 years.
Festive season 2011

Festive season

The colors that traditionally grace India are reds, greens and browns and these are such autumnal colors that they match not only Diwali but nature outside.
Fall 2011: Browns, red, green

Festive season

Fall 2011: Red, blue, orange

Fall 2011: Gold

Festive season

What do you think?

All pictures are taken by me and if you do share it, please link back to Once Upon A Tea Time. 

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