Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good Earth: Farah Baksh Collection

The folks at Good Earth shared their beautiful new collection with me: I loved it and I am pretty sure you will too! The Farah Baksh collection from Good Earth (India) celebrates the beauty of Kashmir (part of the northernmost state of India and in the Himalayas) and its glorious Mughal heritage and the mastery of its craftsmen. Farah Baksh ( Shalimar garden) is the name of the garden that the Mughal emperor Jehangir had created for his empress Nur Jahan. The collection takes its inspiration from the Mughal love for nature. If you have ever been to Kashmir, you know that its beauty stays with you forever. When I was a child, my parents and I lived for a short while in neighboring Jammu and visited Kashmir. We rode shikaras, stayed in a houseboat on Dal Lake, had snowball fights in Gulmarg and hot chai in any number of tea stalls that dotted the city. Did you know that the legendary paisley pattern rose to prominence here and captured the attention of the world thanks to the Kashmiri pashmina shawls into which it was woven?

The collection includes apparel, bed linen, quilts, crockery, pillows, trays and other decor accessories.

(That tea set with its lush florals that dance as delicately on the cup as on a miniature painting is to die for!)

The 4 pillows make up the four quadrants of the garden!
You can visit the Farah Baksh collection online here and here.

Image credits/copyright: Good Earth, India. Thanks, Aarti!

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