Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Postcard From My Life

Blogging is such an instinctive habit for me and one that is hard to break: especially on Saturday mornings when I have all the time in the world (it is the husband's turn to make tea and toast). So, got up early and while waiting for said tea and toast to arrive, spent time on Pinterest and ogled all the cookies and cakes that I would love to bake or the amazing crafts that I wish I had to the skill to create and then found this..

The words really resonated with me because I have been guilty of this lately and it's time to stop. I am going to be frank here (after all, it's just you, me and the worldwide web) and say that I think I am talking more about my problems almost as a form of defense: kind of "I have a lot on my plate, please don't add to it." It's time to break this habit before it takes root because that's just not who I am or want to be. I always love hearing from you, so do share your thoughts. 

Image credits/copyright: This print on Pinterest linked back to Kensie Kate and her Etsy shop full of lovely words.

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