Friday, December 7, 2012

India Circus

I am happy to share the newly opened India Circus with you. I heard from the folks at India Circus describing their beautiful and bright venture led by Devaki Khimji, Krsna Mehta and Hadi Curtay. They offer a range of lifestyle products from furniture to home decor to personal accessories. They are inspired by the Mughal era, roadside chai and other quintessentially Indian motifs and experiences. It is an exciting time in the Indian design world as designers reexamine traditional influences and come with striking new interpretations. Here are scenes from the first act...

Visit India Circus here. There is eventually going to be physical stores but you folks in India don't have to wait. Just head on over to their online store and you can start shopping right away. International shipping will be here soon.

Image credits/copyright: India Circus

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