Thursday, December 27, 2012

London Travelogue: St. Ermin's Hotel

It was a spur of the moment decision to go on holiday though we knew we definitely needed a change. We thought we would pop over to London, a long-time favorite with it's heady mix of old and new. I was so busy at work and with papers and stuff that I gratefully left all the itinerary planning/booking to the husband.
We stayed at the St. Ermin's Hotel in London and I would greatly recommend it. It is located in Westminster and within walking distance of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament (and the London Eye which my boys absolutely loved and would have ridden as many times as possible). The hotel has a rich history: it is built on the site of a 15th century chapel and was long used as a meeting place by the British secret intelligence services during WWII; Churchill himself spoke there. Recent renovations have added to the hotel's elegance and left its flair for drama and intrigue intact. 
The dramatic and gorgeous lobby with its beautiful plasterwork. We debated traveling during the busy  and cold season but all the bright decorations and holiday cheer more than made up for it and unlike summer, it wasn't too crowded. 

Visit the St. Ermin's Hotel here.

Image credits/copyright: All pictures taken by me. 

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