Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shirin Sahba

Today, I want to write about the work of artist and nomad Shirin Sahba. She shared her beautiful paintings with me and I was captivated. Shirin was born in India, raised in Israel and by the age of 16 had visited 25 countries. Her travels inspire her art. I was struck by the innocence in the paintings and how light and filled with joy they seemed (I wrote back to her with those exact words!) We unnecessarily complicate our lives when it is really in our hands to make it simple, each light-filled moment following another.

The Maharani Seeks An Adventure
(and she seems very purposeful!)

It's the Maharaja's turn now! 

C'est Une Pipe

Darjeeling Road

Darjeeling Road: Detail

The Flower Sellers of Kashmir: Detail

Garlands for the Bride. 

You can visit Shirin's website and browse her portfolio here and she blogs here.  Her Beijing, home was featured on Design Sponge here.

Image credits/copyright: Shirin Sahba

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