Thursday, January 24, 2013


I love saris (or sarees), the traditional Indian attire that make every woman feel like a goddess. I wear them a lot more than I used to because my slightly bohemian taste in jewelry goes really well with them, almost as much as the traditional gold and diamonds. I also love to support entrepreneurs which is why today I have a post about clothing, specifically the sari blouse. We have all anguished over them: how to match them to the saris, what design and where to get them stitched. If you live here in the US or outside of India, finding tailors is harder. I have gotten blouses stitched here but it usually costs an arm and a leg. Enter Ashima of Ethnitude who has blouses in different patterns that can be used to match more than one sari and because it contrasts with your sari, it makes the sari look even more gorgeous!

 In Ashima's words.." The idea is to avoid tailors and match a blouse to each Saree. Contrasting the saree with a complimenting blouse brings out the saree more and all the blouses in the store are designer style high quality blouses. So one blouse can be used with different sarees as oppose to making a blouse for each saree, hence more economical. The best part, they WILL always fit. The designs have been tested thoroughly." All you brides, this will be great for your bridesmaids! In addition, for every blouse sold, Ashima donates to a cause: A Blouse For A House. For every blouse sold, they manufacture new cotton blouses and donate to households in India. Entrepreneurs with their wonderful ideas are great but those that give back to the community are simply the best in my book!

Visit Ethnitude here.

Image credits/copyright: Ethnitude. Thank for writing in, Ashima!

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