Thursday, January 24, 2013


I don't think I have blogged about India based i-Tokri before and I want to share this wonderful online resource with you. iTokri provides you with access to the amazing work of artisans and creative types. Like these ikat stole/ dupattas from Dastkar that bring out the inner Bollywood heroine in all of us..(you know what I mean: imagine running through a beautiful field of flowers, the stole streaming behind you, feeling the wind in your hair, all the while lip-syncing to a Bollywood melody).

But that's not all. iTokri has everything from craft kits to stationery, home decor items to apparel for men, women and children. You are sure to find something there, so hop on over to iTokri. These cotton stoles can be found at Dastkar on iTokri.

Image credits/copyright: Dastkar/iTokri

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  1. I am straight heading to kids dastkar starting soon!.. I am a mom blogger and crafter so thats place is haven for me :)!