Friday, January 11, 2013

The Color Caravan

I have blogged about the Color Caravan many times before because I am a huge fan and today I want to draw your attention to some of their products. Felt pouches and mobiles, kantha work and block print cushions. I love their kantha cushions because they allow the simple elegance of the stitches to stand out and not let it be hijacked by busy floral backgrounds.  These cushions/pillows are created in partnership with other NGO's by women in Northern India. I love how the kantha + quilting on the cushions creates soft, raised, pillowy patterns that invite you to run your fingers over them. I especially adore the paisley pattern.

They also have block print work, appliqué and patchwork and very pretty knits for babies and toddlers. 

Visit the Color Caravan on their Facebook page to find out how you can order any of these products. 

Image credits/copyright: The Color Caravan. Thanks for the heads up, Swati!

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